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I felt lost and desperate and was struggling to find joy and meaning in my life.  I thought I had to work on the external factors in my life (new career goals, family goals, exercise goals, eating goals etc) but in the first session we tackled my thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  The clarity, empowerment and focused weekly activities helped me to learn more deeply about myself, and see how some pivotal moments in my past shaped how I lived and acted today.  I no longer obsess over many of the things I initially struggled with because they have all naturally fallen into the rhythm of my life!

I have suffered my entire life with self doubt and not feeling good enough.  My negative thoughts ruined my relationships and pushed people away.  Karen taught me how to control my thoughts and take back control of my life!  I now believe in myself, set and achieve goals, and live a much peaceful fulfilling life. Karen has also helped my 12-year-old son with his anxiety and stress. The tools she shared with him helped him to manage his fears and start enjoying life again!  With Karen’s help I am in a successful relationship, where we both individually see Karen on a regular basis to sort through our own personal baggage.  We are finally able to connect on an emotional and spiritual level that is honest and real!

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Due to childhood trauma, I suffered my entire life with anxiety.  My mind was always busy and I struggled to sleep.  I was prescribed medication at the tender age of 10 and after experiencing little improvement over 40 years of therapy, finding peace felt hopeless.  While coaching with Karen, she provided endless support and was open to sharing her past struggles to help me overcome mine. The hypnosis dived into my deep hurts and allowed them to surface and be released in an amazingly peaceful way. For the first time in may life I can now sleep peacefully, without sleeping pills! I now believe in MIRACLES!

Working with Karen I was able to improve my life socially, professional and spiritually.  I learned that life is all about perspective and how my subconscious thoughts ultimately manifest themselves in my life. The tools and weekly activities helped me to make the changes I needed to make to live the life I want to live, improve my business and productivity. The mindset shifts created lasting change in my mind.  I feel so blessed to have found Karen and to have had the opportunity to work with her!

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I have suffered with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember and have saw numerous clinical professionals with no success.   I found Karen on the internet and can truly say working with her has changed my life!  I now know what I need to do to live a happy life.  It takes work but the tools she shared helped me to find inner freedom and confidence to conquer anything I want!

I was at a huge crossroad in my life, struggling with negative emotions and trauma.  With the help of Karen’s coaching and brilliant tools, I was able to develop absolute emotional intelligence and find peace so I could create a happy, healthy, positive future.  I am very grateful to Karen for helping me move forward with true focus and inspiration!



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Using scientific and proven techniques, plus a healthy dose of empathy and understanding, Karen helped me to change negative ways of thinking and turn my life into a more positive direction.  I was able to improve my sleep, self confidence, sharpening my intuition and self-trust.  I have found Karen's life coaching to be much more effective, lasting and profound than any type of traditional CBT or talk therapy. Her techniques, logic, and ability to connect to the deep issues, make her approach invaluable!

Working with Karen was an extraordinary experience. She assisted me in reconciliation of relationship, self-awareness and growth, mindset change, breaking of unhealthy patterns and thoughts, conflict resolution, and more! She provides tangible methods of change that produce real results.  I am so grateful for all the work she put in during the sessions and the amount of time she put in out of the sessions!



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