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Welcome to Day #1 of Your:

5-Day Journey To Find Peace Now!

  Do you struggle with:

  • Unhealthy Habits & Behaviours

  • Stressful Situations / Circumstances 

  • Lack of Personal Will Power & Motivation

  • Time Management

  • Life Balance

  • Body Image Issues 

  • A Cruel Inner Judge

  • Conflict with Others

If you any of those sound familiar to you,

here is what you must know... 

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Image by Jamie Haughton

Your Problems... 
Are Not
Your Problems! 

In today's video you will learn that the only problem you ever really have is an emotion you don't want to feel

The person, place, thing, event, circumstance, etc.. is not the problem.. how you feel about it is the only problem!


Activity for the Day:

The only way your life will change is if you take action.  The challenge is to ensure the action you take is appropriate.  Awareness is key!

Today's activity will guide you through enhancing your emotional awareness

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