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Stop Suffering
& Start Living 

Transform your life with help from a
Mindset & Emotion Life Coach and Registered Advanced Member of BWRT

Learn How Your Mind & Emotions Work

Remove Emotional Triggers

Boost Your Self Confidence

Find Peace Now


As many people take their last breath,

they realize they struggled their entire life feeling




Don't wait to Rest in Peace
Live in Peace

Find Peace Now

Are you feeling:

Drained of Energy
Controlled by Unhealthy Habits
Void of Willpower
Stuck & Hopeless

Your Life Does not
Have to be This Way!

Find Peace Now

Have you tried everything to change your life
yet nothing has worked?

You cannot change what you are not aware of

Unless you remove the ROOT CAUSES,

PERMANENT CHANGE is not possible

Awareness + Appropriate Action = Permanent Change

Learn How Your Mind & Emotions Work

Remove Emotional Triggers

Boost Your Self Confidence

Find Peace Now

From Stuck & Hopeless to
Inspired & Empowered

Hi, I’m Karen

Mindset & Emotion Life Coach, CH

My life work is to help others identify and remove the root causes of what have been draining their energy and holding them back.  Therefore, they can experience permanent change and find peace now.

I utilize skills, knowledge, and techniques from a variety of certifications to provide my clients with the knowledge, clarity and confidence they need to make any change they want to make.


Everything begins in your mind...

If you don’t know how it works,
how will you ever experience
permanent change?

Find Peace Now

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I have suffered my entire life with self doubt and not feeling good enough...  Now I believe in myself, set and achieve goals and live a much peaceful fulfilling life!


pic steph.png


I felt lost and desperate and was struggling to find joy and meaning in my life...  I no longer obsess over many of the things I initially struggled with because they have all naturally fallen into the rhythm of my life!

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 5.35.25 PM.png


Due to childhood trauma, I suffered my entire life with anxiety.  My mind was always busy and I struggled to sleep... I now believe in MIRACLES!

How to Transform Your Life

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Take Back Your Control

Everything begins in your mind.  I'll show you how

Find Peace Now

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Happy Young Woman

Change Your Life

When you eliminate the root causes, change is permanent!

Don't Wait To Rest In Peace
Live InPeace

Don’t wait to Rest in Peace

Live in Peace

Find Peace Now

Sad but True...

Most adults suffer throughout their entire life, feeling stressed, anxious, and never good enough. Additionally, as time goes on, they try many different things to feel better, completely unaware that those activities only chip away at the symptoms instead of directly working on the ROOT CAUSES. When nothing changes, hopelessness sets in.


Therefore, when someone clearly understands how their mind and emotions work and are skillfully guided through a process of identifying and removing the ROOT CAUSES of their emotional triggers, they are able to easily and effectively make profound permanent changes.


Everything begins in the mind. When one takes back control of their mind, they take back control of their life. Through the process, their emotional suffering ends and they are able to live a happy and healthy life, in peace.

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